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“What is a 21st Century Christian?” Well, that’s a question we have received on more than one occasion.

Our roots at 21st Century Christian stem from the Restoration Movement (or Stone-Campbell Movement) of the early 19th Century, which was an effort by many, using only the Scriptures as the source of authority, to restore the church to the pattern set forth in the New Testament during the first century. As such, we feel it is important for people of the 21st century to understand that God’s Word, although recorded thousands of years ago, is both timeless and quite relative to us today.

Since 1938, 21st Century Christian has provided thousands of churches and individuals with Bible-based curriculum and books, most of which are designed specifically to enhance the relational aspects between us and God, teachers and students, and Christians who are within the world, but not of the world – far beyond simple fact regurgitation commonly found in many other resources.

As publishers of the best-selling curriculum series Immerse in His Word and LifeLINKS to God, as well as more than 250 other publications, 21st Century Christian markets its resources both digitally and in print for all those seeking New Testament Christianity in the present age.

With us, you are family – Christian family. We work diligently to provide you with the best personalized service possible with real people, not robotic or canned responses. Whether it’s through wholesale distribution to Christian bookstores or through our own retail space in Nashville, Tennessee, 21st Century Christian offers something for everyone — curriculum, teaching resources, Bibles, and church supplies.

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