Empower and lead what we’re teaching adults

Trouble keeping teachers? 

Seems 20% do everything at church. We can provide the materials to keep ’em from burning out. And let’s face it. Some teachers can veer off the biblical track; others can suck the life out of the life-giving Word, too. Our materials keep lessons biblical and inspirational, while transforming lives.¬†

FLEX¬†Adult Bible Study Electives¬†are designed to offer more flexibility in studying God’s Word. This series is undated, allowing teachers to choose the¬†best¬†study for their congregation at the¬†best¬†time. Each 13-lesson study follows the “spiritual workout” theme, with lessons divided into¬†Warm Up,¬†Work Out, and¬†Cool Down¬†sections. Discussion questions follow each lesson.¬†Some¬†FLEX¬†studies are based on books of the Bible; others are topical studies.

Cornerstone curriculum

Building on the tradition of Blueprints for Christian Living and Character Under Construction, The Cornerstone of Our Faith offers the best Bible studies written by faithful ministers of the Churches of Christ.


  • Undated ‚ÄĒ all available titles can be selected for study in any order, at any time
  • Variety of topics ‚ÄĒ topical, textual, Old Testament, New Testament
  • New studies added¬† each year
  • Lessons are suitable for personal study, lecture, or discussion in any congregation

LifeLINKS to God offers a well-thought-out, balanced spiritual diet for the church’s adult education ministry.

Outstanding Features:

  • Eight-year study plan covers every book of the Bible
  • Maps, charts, background information, and archaeological discoveries in every quarter
  • Edited by faithful members of the Lord‚Äôs church
  • Separate Student Books and Leader‚Äôs Guide
  • Easily adapts to either lecture or discussion style
  • Restoration Viewpoints connect the Bible study to our unique heritage