Busy Life? Lots to Do? Lighten Your Load!

How many times have you planned a trip, packed your bags, and arrived at your destination only to find that you packed a lot more than you needed? We’ve all done it. We think we’d rather have too much than not enough. Now, consider how often you pack your life with way too much. Schedules. Lists. Cabinets. Closets. Habits. They can all clutter your life — and when they spill over into your spiritual life and start to crowd out God, that’s when you need to lighten your load.

Lightening Your Load is a 13-week Bible study from Nancy Eichman. In it, she will show you, through the pages of Scripture, what to pack and what to unpack as you journey through life.

Why is this book important?

Using current examples and clear language, Nancy will take you into the pages of Scripture to show the importance of rest, grace, patience, order, and contentment while letting go of debt, procrastination, worry, and distractions.

Designed for either personal or small group study, each lesson concludes with reflection questions, thoughtful tips, and helpful quotes. Upon completion of this study, you’ll be armed with the tools that will help you take on a fuller life with a lighter load.

Where can you get this study?

Lightening Your Load is available at 21st Century Christian for $13.99. Bulk rate discounts are also available. You may also purchase a copy online at 21stcc.com or by phone at 800-251-2477.