Confused About Why Sunday School Lessons Repeat After Two Years?

Whether you’ve been teaching Sunday School for three years or 30 years, you’ve likely noticed that lessons repeat every two years or so. You may tire of teaching the same lessons over and over, but look around your class. Those aren’t the same little faces who looked back at you, full of wonder and interest, two years ago.

Sunday School lessons are typically written on a two-year scope, which means that for two years, the children in a first- and second-grade class will learn a new lesson each quarter. When those same lessons come back around two years later, those same children will have advanced to the third- and fourth-grade class where they will be taught brand-new-to-them lessons from Scripture.

Though you’ve taught those lessons to many other students throughout your time as a Sunday School teacher, the children who are currently in your classroom haven’t studied the lesson you’re teaching right now. Remember, the lessons are for their benefit and spiritual maturity. If you’re interested in learning something other than what’s covered in a children’s lesson, 21st Century Christian offers a number of options for personal Bible study.

That May Be True, But…

Many of you may have noticed that the last few quarters have been off this particular sequence. That’s on us. Though we make a concerted effort to keep lessons updated and relevant even though they repeat, the last three years have made things more difficult and slightly off schedule. We’re sorry about that, but everything should be back on the correct sequence with the Summer 2023 lessons.

Lastly, as difficult as these last few years have been, we are blessed to have remained open throughout the pandemic, grateful to God for His faithfulness, and appreciative of our customers for your continued support.