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connect² Feature

   Each quarter we will provide teachers of Immerse in His Word HeartShaper materials (Toddler — Preteen) with FREE additional teaching materials on our website. Parents of children in those age groups will also be able to connect many of the lessons to the home setting.
   This is just another way we are keeping Immerse in His Word curriculum the best-selling curriculum in churches of Christ. Click below to select your FREE downloads and watch for new material each quarter.


July - March
October - June
January - September
April - December

    Other great resources to help teachers:
• Teacher Helps
• The Natural Learning Cycle  (Learning Styles)
• Teacher Training Workshops
• Let's Be Great Teachers
   by Sue Crabtree
• Before You Write Your Own Curriculum
   by Bowling and Wray

Select the quarter below for which you would like to download the connect² resources.

     Fall Quarter Heartshaper Connect² Feature

     Winter Quarter Heartshaper Connect² Feature

     Summer Quarter Heartshaper Connect² Feature

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