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21st Century Christian Publishing has become the leading publisher of comprehensive Bible school curriculum for the Lord's church. Both lines of materials are constantly being upgraded and improved each quarter. Both lines offer a coordinated plan for teaching all of God's Word from Toddler through High School.

Both Immerse in His Word and LifeLINKS to God are fully resourced to give the teacher all he or she needs to lead students in a successful learning experience each week. Say "good-bye" to bored students and the mindless regurgitation of random Bible facts.

How are

Teacher's Guides are easy-to-use with Bible story background, lots of options, tips for understanding your age level. Every lesson has a plan to grab the student's attention, pull them into a study of God's Word, and encourage real-life application.

Student materials are colorful, engaging, up-to-date, and Bible-based. They offer craft experiences and encourage critical thinking skills that will help their faith to mature. All artwork application stories reflect a multi-ethnic appeal.

Resource Packs offer classroom posters, Scripture memory, Bible learning games that specifically reinforce the lessons, and CDs that are chock-full of extras to make each lesson a special experience.

Take-Home materials give parents an opportunity to reinforce each lesson throughout the week and guide them to actively participate in their child's spiritual growth.

Both have FREE current-event downloads that help connect the Bible lessons to real-life situations.

For 30 years New Life Through His Word Bible school materials have led the way in training a generation of Bible school students to love and serve God and His Son, Jesus Christ. Beginning in Fall quarter 2013 New Life changed its name to Immerse in His Word. While it still follows the same scope and sequence of Bible lessons, there have been great improvements that warranted a change in name. Immerse offers a comprehensive Bible study plan for Toddlers through High School.

In addition to all the features that made New Life Through His Word the clear Sunday school leader, these improvements move this series even farther ahead of all the competition:

  •  More color
  •  Brighter color
  •  Fresh Bible-learning activities that are relevant to a new generation of learners
  •  More Bible Exploration time built into each lesson
  •  More Bible-use skills
  •  More connections to help parents
  •  More teacher-friendly layout
  •  Teacher's Manuals available in both printed and digital form

Download the complete Scope and Sequence of the series 

Features of Specific Age Levels

Toddler & 2s (ages 1 and 2)
Preschool (ages 3 and 4)
Pre-K & K (ages 4 and 5)
Early Elementary (grades 1 and 2)

Middle Elementary (grades 3 and 4)
Preteen (grades 5 and 6)
Teen (grades 7-12)

In Fall 2000 we added the LifeLINKS to God Bible school series. This comprehensive series covers Toddlers through adults. It is similar in educational philosophy to the Immerse series, but is not coordinated with it in any way. Many churches use Immerse on Sunday mornings and LifeLINKS to God on Wednesday nights or vice versa.

LifeLINKS to God has a unique grading system that combines Kindergarten with 1st grade, 2nd with 3rd grade, and 4th with 5th grade. This series is upgraded and improved on a quarterly basis to keep the materials current and fresh. It is all carefully edited to insure a quality Bible-learning environment.

Download the complete Scope and Sequence of the series 

Features of Specific Age Levels

Toddler (18-36 months)
Preschool (3 years to Pre-K)
Early Elem (Kindergarten and 1st)
Elementary (grades 2 and 3)

Upper Elementary (grades 4 and 5)
Middle School (grades 6-8)
High School (grades 9-12)
Adult (college and above)


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Both curriculum series are built on the proven Four Step Teaching/Learning Cycle which offers lots of options and honors every learning style. Whether your congregation is large or small, you’ll find these curriculums to be a great value for your Bible school program.

Along with the many undated adult Bible studies offered by 21st Century Christian, we also offer the LifeLINKS Adult quarterly. Quarters begin September, December, March, and June. Once the quarter has passed, the material is typically no longer available.

While dated curriculum offers structure and balance to a congregation's adult Bible study program, many prefer to have more flexibility in their study choices. They want to choose what to study and when to study it. For those customers, we have created the FLEX and Cornerstone of Our Faith adult Bible study electives series. These studies cover a variety of topics in 13-lesson formats. They are inexpensive for affordable classroom use and new topics will continue to be added to each series.

Designed for 3rd through 5th graders, Faithful Bible Investigators is a children's Bible curriculum that utilizes an investigative theme as its MO (method of operation). The F.B.I. material contains four quarters, 52-weeks of action-packed learning that takes you through a chronological survey of the Bible. This study examines "The Big Picture" where students discover how all the pieces of the puzzle they've been learning about fit together.

Leading Young Hearts into the Lord's Church was designed as a fresh approach in Bible education. Using today's high-tech capabilities, this compact disc contains reproducible materials for use in a classroom as well as at home.


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