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These quarterly videos are designed for LifeLINKS to God Bible School Curriculum to supplement the Elementary age level materials.

Simply click on the appropriate link shown below to play the video that matches this Sunday’s lesson.  In Windows™-based systems, you may also right-click the link and download the MP4 file to your computer.

The recommended minimum internet speed for live streaming videos is 5Mbps.

Please let us know how students respond (E-mail us).


  Fall 2019-PreSchool_Early Elementary_GOD GIVES US FRIENDS
  Fall 2019-PreSchool_EarlyElementary_GOD GIVES US FAMILIES
  Fall 2019_Elementary_UpperELementary_ESCAPING EGYPT
  Fall 2019_Elementary_UpperElementary_FOLLOWING GOD WITH COURAGE
  Fall 2019_Elementary_UpperElementary_GOD DELIVER US
  Fall 2019_PreSchool_EarlyElementary_GOD GIVES US CHURCH
  Spring 2020-PreSchool_Early Elementary_GOD MEETS OUR NEEDS
  Spring 2020-PreSchool_EarlyElementary_GODS SPECIAL SON
  Spring 2020-PreSchool_EarlyElementary_GODS WONDERFUL WORLD
  Spring 2020_Elementary_UpperElementary_FINAL DAYS OF JESUS
  Spring 2020_Elementary_UpperElementary_HOW BELIEVERS LIVE
  Spring 2020_Elementary_UpperElementary_JESUS CONQUERS DEATH
  Summer 2020-Elementary_Upper Elementary_01 RULES TO LIVE BY
  Summer 2020-Elementary_Upper Elementary_02 WHO GOD IS
  Summer 2020-Elementary_Upper Elementary_03 LIVING OUT OUR FAITH
  Summer 2020-PreSchool_EarlyElementary_01 GOD LOVES US
  Summer 2020-PreSchool_EarlyElementary_02 WE LOVE GOD
  Summer 2020-PreSchool_EarlyElementary_03 WE LOVE OTHERS
  Winter 2019-2020-PreSchool_EarlyElementary_GODS SON GREW UP
  Winter 2019-2020_Elementary_UpperElementary_GODS PLAN
  Winter 2019-2020_Elementary_UpperElementary_WHAT JESUS SAID
  Winter 2019-2020_Elementary_UpperElementary_WHO IS JESUS
  Winter 2019-2020_PreSchool_EarlyElementary_JESUS DID GOOD THINGS
  Winter 2019-2020_PreSchool_EarlyElementary_JESUS IS GODS SON
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