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  God's Love Story: The Heart of God's Plan for Mankind

God's Love Story...

   ... is the sweeping account of God’s compassionate attempt to rescue lost and hurting people. A condensed, chronological version of the Bible, this new resource highlights the grand story of God’s love for mankind throughout the ages. Major Bible characters and events unfold in easy-to-understand, 39-chapter segments, which read like a novel and are designed for church-wide study.

   Your congregation will get a fresh look at the heart of God from Genesis to Revelation in God's Love Story. Developed by Brian Dowler and a team of faithful members of the Lord's church, God's Love Story includes biblical text that shares with readers the inspired story of mankind from lost to found, from defiled to redeemed, from temporal to eternal. Dowler adds just enough connecting material to help weave God's unfolding story of love into a gripping drama of rescue and redemption.


• Reads like a novel

• Thirty-nine short chapters

• Contains about one-fourth of the Bible's content

• Short transition statements added to aid

• Chronological presentation of God's plan for

• Readings based on the WEB (World English Bible)
   based on the ASV (1901)

• Book also available on audio CDs

• Compiled by Brian Dowler, Ohio Valley University
   Alumnus of the Year for 2016

• Student books for Elementary, Teen, and Adult

God's Love Story Books

God's Love Story Book


God's Love Story
6" x 9" x 1.14"
448 Pages
10.5 Point Type

Sample Pages  



Quantity Discounts
Min Qty Price Each
15 $13.59
25 $12.79



God's Love Story Large Print Edition


God's Love Story
   Large Print Edition

7" x 10" x 0.92"
448 Pages
12.5 Point Type

Sample Pages  


Quantity Discounts
Min Qty Price Each
15 $16.99
25 $15.99



God's Love Story MP3 CD Audio Kit


God's Love Story
   MP3 CD Audio Kit

All 39 chapters of the book read by the author, Brian Dowler. This 3-disc set is perfect for:
 • Those who simply don't enjoy reading
 • The sight-impaired
 • Travelers and work commuters
 • Times of walking or exercise
 • Listening while you work around the house





God's Love Story Curriculum

God's Love Story Campaign Kit


God's Love Story Campaign Kit
This printable CD includes everything a church needs to plan, customize, and execute a successful, church-wide campaign using God's Love Story materials. The disc contains:
  • guidelines and suggestions for implementation
  • digital artwork for 3 styles of advertising
  • digital artwork for 39 weekly color posters
  • digital artwork for advertising postcards
  • ...and much more!

Poster Samples  
Banner Sample  
Banner Sample  
Banner Sample  




God's Love Story Student Workbooks


God's Love Story Workbooks

  • Adult, Teen, and Elementary Student Workbooks
  • Three quarters for each age level
  • Age-appropriate questions and activities that
     correlate to the God's Love Story Bible
  • Designed for church-wide study
  • Major Bible characters and events unfold in
     easy-to-understand, 39-chapter segments
  • Developed by Brian Dowler and a team of
     faithful members of the Lord's church

Elementary Workbook Sample Pages  
Teen Workbook Sample Pages  
Adult Workbook Sample Pages  



Quantity Discounts
Min Qty Price Each
5 $14.39
15 $12.79
25 $11.99
Workbooks are $15.99 each. Pricing discounts for each with a quantity of 5 or more.


Elementary Age Workbooks


Elementary Workbook Quarter 1


Elementary Workbook Quarter 2


Elementary Workbook Quarter 3



Teen Age Workbooks


Teen Workbook Quarter 1


Teen Workbook Quarter 2


Teen Workbook Quarter 3



Adult Age Workbooks


Adult Workbook Quarter 1


Adult Workbook Quarter 2


Adult Workbook Quarter 3



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