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Known by God,
Connected with Others

CONNECT curriculum helps you provide a safe and nurturing environment for students to discover the truth and wisdom of God—all while processing what they see in the world.

As you know, Encounter Curriculum has been part of the 21st Century Christian Publishing family of quality resources for over 20 years. With consistent content and true-to-the-Bible lessons, Encounter has served our churches in spreading the gospel, while connecting with youth.

As we continue to strive to provide a topical and timely curriculum for teens, we want to stay current with the needs of today's youth and feature topics that are relatable in our ever-changing times. With that in mind, we introduce CONNECT.

CONNECT Curriculum features solid biblical lessons, like Encounter, but with a more current approach. Beginning Fall of 2020, CONNECT will be taking the place of Encounter Curriculum. Summer 2020 will be the last quarter we offer Encounter.

With enhancements such as video components, social media suggestions, up-to-date design elements, and more flexibility in each lesson, the students in your church will understand better how to live out their faith in this time and age.

Connect students—to their peers,
to the church, to God.

Youth leaders...
CONNECT curriculum helps you provide a safe and nurturing environment for students to discover the truth and wisdom of God—all while processing what they see in the world.

CONNECT helps youth leaders speak about difficult subjects to young people, including those who may have already endured hard circumstances. Sessions have practical tips and training to help leaders (from new volunteers to seasoned veterans) be sensitive to the particular needs of teens who are experiencing the effects of stress, trauma, and conflict in their lives.

Every student should be able to connect with their church, their family, and their community. Walk alongside them as they connect with God and build confidence that God sees, knows, and loves them.

Students discover relationship with Jesus.

The First Year
In the first year of CONNECT, students are steeped in the foundational beliefs of Christianity as they learn about:

• Who God is
• Why we trust His Word
• Who Jesus is
• How the Holy Spirit guides us

As They Grow
As students grow in their spiritual knowledge, they'll be challenged to use this knowledge to develop solid Christian character qualities such as:

• Respecting authority
• Gaining wisdom
• Practicing forgiveness
• Persevering through difficulties

Students will have the opportunity to put God's Word into practice as they exercise valuable life skills such as:

• Using words well
• Thinking critically
• Managing anger
• Choosing purity

Product Info

CONNECT Teen Leader's Guide
Order 1 per leader.

Features include:

• 12 lessons
• Bible commentary and Bible culture clues
• Expert resource articles (topics include helping
     teens in crisis and understanding trauma)
• In-lesson teacher tips to help deal with sticky
• Bonus material to help with hard questions

CONNECT Teen Student Guide
Order 1 per student.

Features include:

• Journal space
• Scripture excerpts and Remember Bible verses
• Discussion questions
• Weekly challenges for further study

CONNECT Teen Digital Resources
Downloadable resources to accompany and enhance quarterly printed resources.

Order 1 per youth class. Each Digital Resource purchased can be shared by up to five leaders.

Features include:

• Video resources for each lesson
• 12 customizable Leader Guide lesson outlines
• 12 reproducible student group discussion cards
• PowerPoint visuals for each lesson
• Memory verse visuals for each lesson
• Weekly parent connection materials: text and email messages,
     social media promotional materials
• Weekly student connection materials: text messages,
     social media promotional materials
• Youth curriculum logo graphics

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CONNECT?
CONNECT is an expert-tested, life-transforming curriculum for teens. This discussion-based resource empowers and equips any youth leader to connect with every student about what they see in the world and to provide a safe and nurturing environment in which they can discover the truth and wisdom of God.

How much does CONNECT cost?
Each quarter (or module) is priced as follows:

CONNECT Leader Guide, $10.99 (one for each leader, as needed)
CONNECT Student Guide, $6.49 (one for each student)
CONNECT Digital Resources, $29.99 (one for each youth class—able
     to be shared by up to five leaders)

How do I access the CONNECT Digital Resources?
When you purchase the CONNECT digital resources, you will receive a card in the mail with instructions and a code for downloading your materials.

Once you've purchased the CONNECT Digital Resources, and received your instructions card in the mail, we recommend downloading the files to a desktop computer.*

The card will send you to—which will have a small window with a space to enter the 9-character access code. Type in the code and choose 'Submit'. Be sure to carefully type in all the characters—all access codes contain zeros, not the letter "o".

The download will begin immediately. On most computers, downloaded files will usually appear in a folder titled Downloads. Download files are delivered in the form of a .ZIP compressed folder. Once you locate the downloaded file, double-click on it to un-compress and access all the files contained inside.
*While it is possible to download a .ZIP compressed file to a mobile device, you may need to install a helper App first, like UnZip or WinZip. Check the Apple App Store (iOS) or the Google Play Store (Android) for a suitable app. Search for "Zip file opener".

When/How am I to use CONNECT with my students?
CONNECT is a youth curriculum built for both the traditional quarterly Sunday school model and for modular use.

• One age-level for all: Designed to be used for both young teen and
     high school, with optional deeper questions for high school/more
     sophisticated students.
• Able to be used for the typical Sunday school classroom or for a
     large group/small group format.
• The print (plus digital) curriculum quarters will be released on a typical
     quarterly schedule, with the first quarter of Year 1 beginning in
     September of 2020.

What is a module?
Module is another word for an undated quarter. Since CONNECT can be used as both a quarterly, seasonal curriculum (with fall, winter, spring, and summer quarters) and as an undated curriculum (for use on a nonseasonal schedule), we use this word.

How can I see a sample of CONNECT?
You can download samples from a lesson by clicking the links below.

Leader Guide Sample Lesson
Student Guide Sample Lesson
Helping Teens Cope With Verbal Abuse
Digital Resources Samples  (ZIP folder)
Contents of Digital Resources for Fall 2020
Using the Digital Resources

What content makes up a quarter (or a module)?
Three units make up each module. One unit is focused on spiritual growth, one is focused on character development, and one is focused on practical skills for life. Each unit is made up of four sessions in which essential principles are wrestled with and discussed through a biblical worldview.

What is the Scope & Sequence of CONNECT?
CONNECT has a 3-year Scope & Sequence. You can check it out here.

Who was CONNECT created for?
CONNECT was created for every student in your ministry. It was created to cultivate the kind of adult-teen relationships and biblical application that are crucial for the spiritual and personal development of any adolescent.

Because CONNECT has been created and adapted from resources originally designed to speak to young people enduring hard circumstances, sessions have practical tips and training to help leaders (from new volunteers to seasoned veterans) be sensitive to the particular needs of teens who are experiencing the effects of stress, trauma, and conflict in their lives.

What makes CONNECT different?
We see CONNECT as being distinctive in the following ways.
CONNECT includes:

• Three strategic areas for student care and learning: spiritual growth,
     character development, and life skills
• Weekly parent and teen connection messaging and ideas
• Tips to help any leader be successful in communicating with teens
     experiencing stressful situations (including trauma)
• Material that has been written and tested by youth workers in the trenches

How many lessons come in each quarter?
CONNECT features 12 printed lessons each quarter and also provides four free, downloadable lessons. You still get access to 52 lessons, but this structure differs from typical thirteen-lesson quarters. Please keep this in mind as you plan your programming calendar and your ordering schedule.

Immerse Connect Bible School Curriculum for Teens

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