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21st Century Christian is proud to introduce HeartShaper, a feature to Immerse in His Word Bible school curriculum. We are pleased to provide teachers with tools to shape the hearts of students from Toddler through PreTeen. HeartShaper is built on a specific Life Focus each week — taking the Bible and bringing its lessons to each student's life. Balancing Bible learning with life application, the HeartShaper feature teaches students how to apply the Bible to their lives on a daily basis and form a relationship with God that will last a lifetime.

HeartShaper Features:
  1. Richly Resourced (puppets, puppet scripts, printable files on CD, support books)
  2. Age-Appropriate (Bible use skills are tailored for each age for each lesson, flexible age options for individual congregation's needs)
  3. Balanced (solid Bible teaching through culturally relevant materials including teacher resources, articles and take-home papers)
New Age Groupings for the HeartShaper feature include:
Immerse HeartShaper Preschool Ages Immerse HeartShaper Elementary Ages
Toddlers & 2s (ages 1-2)
Preschool (ages 3-4)
Pre-K & K (ages 5-6)
Early Elementary (grades 1-2)
Middle Elementary (grades 3-4)
PreTeen (grades 5-6)

Immerse Scope and Sequence
Download the Scope and Sequence

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