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LifeLINKS to God Adult Curriculum LifeLINKS to God Adult Bible study skillfully carries adult learners through every book of the Bible in an eight-year survey. This material will offer fresh, biblical insights with thought-provoking, "meaty" Bible study.

Each quarter offers Restoration Viewpoints which connect our rich heritage in churches of Christ with the current Bible study topics.
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LifeLINKS to God Adult Leaders Guide With a Leader's Guide and Student Books, everyone will enjoy and appreciate the biblical scholarship, maps, charts and background information. LifeLINKS to God Adult Student Book
LifeLINKS to God Adult offers a well-thought-out, balanced spiritual diet for the church’s adult education ministry.

Outstanding Features:
  • Eight year study plan covers every book of the Bible
  • Maps, charts, background information and archaeological discoveries in every quarter
  • Edited by faithful members of the Lord’s church
  • Separate Student Books and Leader’s Guide
  • Easily adapts to either lecture or discussion style
  • Restoration Viewpoints connect the Bible study to our unique heritage
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LifeLINKS to God Adult Scope & Sequence
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