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Customers want products they can trust. At 21st Century Christian, we’ve been providing trustworthy, Bible-based, Christ-focused products to individuals and churches for more than 80 years.

In 1937, four young men (George DeHoff, James D. Bales, Woodrow Whitten, and Norvel Young) took the initial steps to create a publication for young Christians. Their vision became a publishing house and retail bookstore that has served thousands of Christians around the world.

Just a few months after casting their vision, the publishing company released its first publication, 20th Century Christian: New Testament Christianity in the Present Age. The young publishers decided their purpose would be “to teach Christian readers, inspire them, and equip them in matters that would lead to noble living, educated obedience, and eternal salvation.”

Years passed, and as the world changed around them, 21st Century Christian did not alter the direction and purpose that had sustained the company in its formative years. There was, however, a change in leadership. In 1949, Jim Bill McInteer joined Norvel Young, succeeding James Baird as business manager.

Following the establishment of Power for Today, a daily devotion magazine first published in 1955, the company looked to how they might steward more people and sought to provide books and other printed materials, which is when the company moved from its location on the Lipscomb College campus in Nashville, Tennessee, to the space on 12th Avenue South nearby. The 12South space included offices and a warehouse. Ten years later, the company began editing and publishing Bible school curriculum, including New Life Through His Word, which transitioned to the best-selling Immerse in His Word that is still available today.

The company soon added retail space, making it possible for local Nashville shoppers to have a place to purchase Christian books and gifts as well as offering a place for area churches to see even more resources for their congregations.

The McInteer family continued to play an active role in the success of 21st Century Christian when Mark McInteer came aboard to oversee the 20th Century Foundation, a separate nonprofit entity that publishes Power for Today. Mark had already been actively involved in management of the publishing company, but running the foundation was a new venture and one he continues to this day.

Jim Bill McInteer gained his heavenly reward in 2010. Continuing the McInteer legacy, his grandson, Matthew McInteer, took the helm as CEO in early 2011. Under Matthew’s leadership, 21st Century Christian has leaped into the 21st century with digital resources; an exciting, user-friendly website; and a thriving VBS program to engage future generations of Christians, while maintaining the personal, attentive customer service that you’ve grown to love and expect over the years. As 2022 opened, Matthew began moving to a full-time role with the Bell McCann & McInteer law firm as well as continuing his involvement with Mavien, a smart home solutions company.

With that change, long-time employees, Carl and Carrie Royster have taken over the day-to-day leadership roles for the company. It continues the 21stCC mom and pop bookstore tradition as the endeavor is led by a husband and wife team that loves the Lord, the church, and the opportunity to serve.

Though the names and faces have changed over the years, the mission has never wavered. As Jim Bill McInteer once said, “The ongoing dedication of our staff and the loyal support of Christians worldwide has brought us a long way from our one-book organization… to our facility with its offices, bookstore, and warehouse filled with thousands of useful Christian books, Bibles, and Bible school curricula.”

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A word from our president and secretary…

21stCC has moved to 4108 Hillsboro Pike. Managing the business through two years of Covid-related issues left us with unique challenges as it did the churches we serve. Dedicated, hard-working employees helped us make it through. My sister and I remain devoted to the role of serving churches with their curriculum needs and individuals with Bibles, books, and study material. There is no way to adequately thank those with whom we work or those of you we serve for allowing this journey to continue. Come what may, the glory is God’s.

— Mark M. McInteer & MariLynn McInteer Canterbury

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