Saddle Up for Fun with a Redemption Ranch Skit Book

If you’re looking for a fun way to excite and engage your students before each VBS lesson, be sure to order a copy of the Redemption Ranch Skit Book!

Redemption Ranch welcomes students to a working cattle ranch, somewhere in the remote wilderness of the west, and affords your students the opportunity to see and take part in the skits. The ranch is owned and operated by Hank Hatfield, a weathered and wily old cowboy who’s been down the trail a time or two in his day. Hank is both wise and kind, the type of trail boss any cowboy would want to have, but he’s also demanding. Even though Hank runs a tight operation and is all business when it comes to being a cowboy, his number one aim is to ensure that each and every ranch hand who works for him becomes a proper servant of God.

Why do I need a Redemption Ranch Skit Book?

In the skits, your students will be Hank’s new ranch hands who have just arrived to train for the upcoming roundup, but by the end of VBS, they will have learned far more about being a good steward of God’s blessings than they will have about roping and riding. While at Redemption Ranch, your students will have the opportunity to meet and learn from three of Hank’s current ranch hands, the McCoy Brothers. Each of these three cowboys has a distinct personality, and each of them represents one of three main reasons — pride, fear, and distraction — many people fail to become good stewards of God’s blessings. Hank and the three ranch hands make up the four characters in the skits.

Promise VBS suggests an auditorium gathering to be used as an opening presentation that will set up the lessons to follow. Students can sit with their teachers and classmates in marked sections. This also gives your VBS director an opportunity to assess numbers and make classroom adjustments, as needed. Children engage in active singing, which can rev up their level of enthusiasm. Follow up with a fun, 10-minute skit from the Redemption Ranch Skit Book.

You’ll want to be sure to select volunteers to portray the four roles in the five skits in the Redemption Ranch Skit Book, including Hank and his three ranch hands.

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