About Us

Statement of Faith

  • We believe in one true God who reveals Himself in the three persons of the trinity – God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
  • We believe that God sent His Son, Jesus, to bear the punishment for mankind’s sin. He did so by dying on the cross.
  • We believe that God’s power that raised Jesus from the dead will also raise all faithful followers of Jesus and provide an eternal home for them in heaven. Those who have refused God’s offer of salvation through Jesus will be raised to face an eternity of separation from God in hell.
  • We believe that the Bible is God’s inerrant word, written by men who were guided by the Holy Spirit. It is the only true guide to living a faithful life.
  • We believe that everyone makes life choices against God’s will for their lives. Choosing sin separates us from God and places us in need of salvation.
  • We believe that it is impossible for any person to merit their own salvation. Only Jesus Christ has lived a sinless life.
  • We believe that faith in who Jesus is and what He has done for us is the beginning point of our salvation. That faith is expressed in a willingness to turn away from a sinful lifestyle and start following God’s commands.
  • We believe that those who have a genuine faith will follow the Bible’s many examples of believers who wanted to be baptized (immersed) to have their sins washed away (Acts 22:16).
  • We believe that the example of worship in the New Testament church is one that encourages simplicity. We follow their example and worship by congregational singing without musical accompaniment (Ephesians 5:19; Colossians 3:16).
  • We observe the Lord’s Supper every Sunday as a way of remembering what has been done for us through Jesus.
  • We encourage faithful living that honors God and follows the commands and examples of Scripture.
  • We believe that God has commissioned every Christian to actively share his faith with those who may not know Jesus.
  • We look forward to the return of Jesus Christ to gather His followers and take them home for eternity in heaven.
  • We believe that all who have ever lived will stand before God at the judgment day.