21st Century Christian Baptismal Garment Adult Medium (50 in. dia. waist)

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Publisher/Vendor: 21st Century Christian Publishing
Size: 31 in. W x 45 in. L

Made from an opaque navy, heavy duty tight weave nylon material so that the robe cannot be seen through even when wet. The design prevents float-up during the baptismal service, and it will not cling as you are exiting the pool.

These robes are designed to last for many years!

The one-piece design and front zipper make it quick and easy for the convert to change into and out of this robe. The 100% nylon material repels water so that very little is carried out of the baptistery. Afterwards, the robe can simply be hung on a hanger to dry. To care for the robes, simply wash them in cool water with delicate agitation and drip dry.

Affordably priced as well!

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