A Leadership Work Program

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Publisher/Vendor: World Evangelism Publications
Author/Contributor: Fenter D. Northern
Binding: Paperback

The Lord’s people today can be led in the right way or the wrong way. The sad thing is that so many follow their leaders in whatever direction they go in. This is why it is so important that they be well trained in sound and scriptural teaching. Once this is done, then they are in a position to give the kind of leadership that is so essential for the church to grow and do its work.

This book can give the kind of leadership training that is so badly needed today. Chapter titles include: You Don’t Have to Have Sheep to Be a Shepherd, Function and Authority of Leadership, Qualities and Principles of Leadership, Problems of Leadership, Visions in Church Leadership, Possibility Thinking, Deacons — Administrative Assistants, and Fellowship — The Essence of Leadership.

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