A Medley of Topics

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Publisher/Vendor: Conchin Books
Author/Contributor: Willard Conchin
Binding: Saddle Stitch
Unlike the other workbooks by this writer, this workbook contains topics that are not built around a central theme. For that reason it is called A Medley of Topics.” It is a mixture of topics, none of which is necessarily related to the others.

However, as in all the other workbooks, the scriptures come from the King James Version.

Lesson 1: What Love Will Do 1
Lesson 2: Divine Couplets 7
Lesson 3: “Except” 14
Lesson 4: Getting the Right Word 20
Lesson 5: The Voice in the Wilderness 25
Lesson 6: You Could Grow Up To Be A Fool 30
Lesson 7: “That Ye May Know” 36
Lesson 8: “Before I Die” 41
Lesson 9: “Why Me, Lord?” 45
Lesson 10: Ephraim, A Cake Not Turned 51
Lesson 11: “Martha, Martha” 55
Lesson 12: The Victory That Turned Into Mourning 59″
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