A Missionary Speaks

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Publisher/Vendor: World Evangelism Publications
Author/Contributor: J.C. Choate
Binding: Paperback
All along the way, through nearly thirty years of mission work, there have been many times when J.C.’s heart spilled over with words he needed to say about the subjects dearest to his heart: the Lord’s church and her purpose in the world.

He compiled his thoughts into three volumes: A Missionary Speaks, A Missionary Speaks Up, and A Missionary Speaks Out. Many Christians would not choose to read such books because they feel that the subject is of no concern or interest to them. I would urge those who are interested — and especially those who are not interested — to order a copy and to give them a fair hearing. Their perspective is from the firing line,” and the “cutting edge” — out there where realities and priorities are stark in their identification, not muddled as they often become in the midst of our materialistic American society.”
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