A Relationship With God

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ISBN: 9780890985380
Publisher/Vendor: 21st Century Christian Publishing
Author/Contributor: Dr. Ken Schott
Binding: Paperback
Size: 6 x 9
Pages: 148

Discovering Life Beyond Religion

Are you tired of the constant pressure of trying to be good enough” to please God? Are you weary of the church’s nitpicking rules that seem to have no foundation in Scripture? Does church attendance feel more like a duty than a joy? Maybe it’s time for you to discover a relationship with your Heavenly Father.

Let Ken Schott lead you on a journey from legalism to liberty, from traditionalism to truth, from empty religion to relationship. Based on his own personal journey, Schott gently guides readers into the riches of a personal relationship with the God who loves you, knows you by name, and wants only the best for you. The journey will take you through changes in attitudes, changes in habits, and changes in your perceptions of God. The final result is a renewed relationship with God and a confidence in your future with Him. You’ll embrace the Father who longs to embrace you.

Trade your burdensome religion for a loving relationship with your Heavenly Father.

Table of Contents:
1. Finding a Relationship With God
2. A Personal Relationship Is Enough
3. Seven Habits of Relationship People
4. The God Who Seeks Relationship
5. A Personal Walk With God
6. Religion and Relationship
7. The Spirit’s Fire — Proof of Relationship
8. Prayer — Instant Messaging God
9. God’s Word — Nourishment for the Soul
10. A Relationship Brings God’s Gifts
11. Shipwrecked — A Broken Relationship
12. A Personal Relationship Brings Peace
13. A Relationship With God Influences Others
14. A Relationship That Lasts Forever
15. Knowing God Is Eternal Life

About the Author:
Dr. Ken Schott is a professor emeritus at Lipscomb University, where he served as a professor of communication for thirty-five years. He has also taught at Ohio Valley University and Lubbock Christian University. He holds the Ph.D. in communication from Ohio State University. He has ministered to churches in West Virginia, Ohio, Texas, and Tennessee for more than thirty years and has spoken at various lectureships and other programs. Over his preaching career, he has moved from a church-based message to a relationship-based message as he became convinced of the supremacy of a personal relationship with God. He lives in Nashville, Tennessee with his family which includes five grandchildren.

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