A Woman’s Right to Rest: 14 Types of Biblical Rest That Can Transform Your Life

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ISBN: 9780915547876
Publisher/Vendor: Leafwood Publishers / ACU Press
Author/Contributor: Denise George
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 224
This book presents the fourteen different types of biblical rest and shows how tired and overworked women can incorporate them into their everyday lives.

Today’s Christian women are tired. They battle exhaustion–physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. They have too much work to do, and far too many people who depend on them. While they may treasure their roles as wives, mothers, church volunteers, and career women, oftentimes, in trying to manage everything well, they forfeit personal rest and refreshment time. Without necessarily meaning to, family members, employers, society, and even the church often urge women to work harder and accomplish more. Some women today believe they have no right” to rest. Many have never been given permission to rest.

Some Christian women admit they feel guilty or selfish when they rest, as if they are wasting their time. These women have never discovered the life-enhancing secrets of biblical rest–the type of rest God’s Word clearly teaches. Women need to know that God created them to rest, both the “put-up-your-feet-for-ten-minutes-rest,” as well as the deeply-satisfying, life-renewing rest God’s Word teaches. God gives his daughters permission to rest–the right to rest!

In A Woman’s Right to Rest, you will discover the fourteen distinctive types of rest Scripture teaches and encourages, and that biblical characters (including Jesus himself) demonstrate in the Gospels. You will learn how to incorporate each type of rest into your busy, everyday life.”
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