Abandon the Ordinary

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ISBN: 9780891125419
Publisher/Vendor: Leafwood Publishers / ACU Press
Author/Contributor: Richard S. Lytle
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 224
Building a Distinctive Leadership Brand in Business, Family, and Church

The world needs great leaders. But how do you build a leadership brand that matters? Your ability to lead with power in a complex global society will largely depend on your ability to move away from a generic type of leadership, building a distinctive brand. In this book, businessman and professor Richard S. Lytle considers four main principles to help readers create a godly blueprint for life:

Perspective – How worldview frames the foundation for building any brand.
Position – How readers can assess their God-given positions in life and make them the focus of their earthly work.
Power – How using one’s positional power can build the brand on a daily basis.
Promise – How readers can create, deliver, and manage a distinctive set of promises with the personal signature of gifts and positions God has given them.

Are you ready to Abandon the Ordinary? That’s the first step toward becoming God’s brand of leader.
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