Autobiography of G. C. Brewer

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ISBN: 9781933965192
Publisher/Vendor: DeHoff Publications
Author/Contributor: G. C. Brewer
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 155

The Autobiography (1884-1956) was completed just months before his death from cancer. Brother Brewer was one of the most powerful gospel preachers of his generation. He was a powerful preacher, excellent debater, and forceful defender of the truth. A love for the word of God and a compassion for mankind will be evident as one reads the story of a farm boy who became an influence for good through his scholarship, debating, sermons, and especially his writing–particularly his long association with The Gospel Advocate and his many contributions to it. One will find a great story of one of the premier defenders of the Restoration Movement against apostasies of many kinds. It is the story of a time as well as a man and his influence for good upon the Lord’s church.

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