BTB Proverbs

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Publisher/Vendor: Truth Bookstore Publications
Curriculum Series: Bible Text Book Series
Author/Contributor: Mike Willis
Binding: Saddle Stitch
Size: 8.5 x 11
Pages: 49

The Bible Text Book Series is an excellent commentary workbook series. Each lesson consists of several pages of commentary followed by a couple of pages of short answer questions. Great workbook for adult and upper teenage Bible classes.

13 Lessons


Lesson 1: Introduction to the Book

Lesson 2: The Fear of the Lord Is the Beginning of Knowledge
Lesson 3: A Fool Despises Instruction
Lesson 4: Some Things Abominable to the Lord
Lesson 5: Make Friends of God’s Children
Lesson 6: Friends
Lesson 7: The Sin of Laziness
Lesson 8: The Use of the Tongue
Lesson 9: The Disciplined Spirit
Lesson 10: The Sin of Pride
Lesson 11: Honesty Is the Best Policy
Lesson 12: Abstain From Fornication
Lesson 13: The Way of the Transgressor Is Hard
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