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Publisher/Vendor: Conchin Books
Author/Contributor: Willard Conchin
Binding: Saddle Stitch
The basics, or fundamentals, of any skill or art are never to be laid aside by those who know them, whether they be teachers, farmers, carpenters, actors, or members of any other profession or occupation. The word fundamental itself suggests something upon which to stand, having come from the Latin base fund, or found, meaning bottom,” or “foundation.” Most people seem to recognize the need for basics in material matters.

Likewise, in the spiritual realm there are basics which one must never leave–no, not for a moment–for to do so would open the gate to legions of erroneous thoughts and practices.

It does not take a Solomon to see that in many churches a lulling spirit of indifference to basics is resulting in an outreach for something new and exciting, far beyond the limits of the pure truth. This new-found craving has caused many to ridicule the importance of the church for which Jesus died. It has likewise caused many to become careless about what composes a worship service. It has lured leaders of the young to put more emphasis upon fun and games than upon the power of the gospel, an indication that those leaders themselves are lacking in fundamentals. Let us be reminded that although one can be too dogmatic about fundamentals, he can never be too fundamental in observing the principles of Truth.

The author, in writing this workbook, hopes to strengthen the faith of the faithful and to rekindle a love for truth in those who may be losing their grip on it. Use the King James Version for this workbook.

Lesson Topics
Lesson 1: A Firm Belief in the Inspired Wordof God
Lesson 2: A Regular and Serious Study of theScriptures
Lesson 3: A Willingness to Study and Apply theTruth Once It Is Learned
Lesson 4: A Scripturally Qualified Leadership
Lesson 5: A Godly Example by Those Who Professto Be Christians
Lesson 6: A Desire to Be Scripturally Sound inAll We Do
Lesson 7: A Constant Effort to Attain and MaintainUnity in Christ’s Church
Lesson 8: A Firm Belief in the Providence of God
Lesson 9: A Serious Plea for a Return to “The Old Paths”
Lesson 10: A Willingness to Sacrifice for theLord’s Work
Lesson 11: A Genuine Love for the Souls of allPeople
Lesson 12: A Readiness to Give Honor to WhomHonor Is Due”
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