Baptism 101

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Publisher/Vendor: Gospel Advocate Company
Author/Contributor: Tim Alsup
Binding: Paperback
What must I do to be saved?” is life’s most important question. Baptism 101 offers Bible students a thorough explanation of what the Bible says about baptism — from what baptism is all about to why some people object to it as a necessary part of God’s plan of salvation. Author Tim Alsup provides the facts and explains concepts believers need so that they can understand Christian baptism and share this truth with a spirit of love. The book is divided into three sections covering Scripture passages, questions and conclusions regarding baptism. There are 13 chapters in the book, making it ideal for a quarterly Bible class study. Chapter titles include:

• Baptism Is About…Forgiveness in Jesus
• Baptism Is About…Change in Jesus
• What About Other Salvation Passages?
• What About Salvation by God’s Grace?
• What Do I Need to Know Before I Am Baptized?
• And more”
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