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Publisher/Vendor: Conchin Books
Author/Contributor: Willard Conchin
Binding: Saddle Stitch

If you have a large concordance, you know how to find just about any scripture containing a particular word. This is very helpful when you want to use a scripture but do not know where it is. Some words may be defined in some concordances but most are not. In most cases, you will have to go to a dictionary for that service. Many words may be defined without using a dictionary because some key words may help to convey the meaning.

The author has selected 786 words from the Bible, along with some scriptures in which they are used, and has given the definition of the words so that you may have a handy abridged copy for quick reference purposes. Following the dictionary are some lessons which require you to use the words so that you may better comprehend their meanings.

Since these words come from the King James Version, some of them will not be found in other translations. Some, having become obsolete, will not be found in modern dictionaries. Using this specially prepared Bible Dictionary should save you time and bring you to a better application of the words themselves.

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