Bible Keys

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Publisher/Vendor: World Evangelism Publications
Author/Contributor: J.C. Choate
Binding: Paperback
In this age of growing ignorance of the very basic teachings of God’s Word, a class book such as this is needed. Bible Keys consists of 30 lessons, beginning with Introduction to the Bible and continuing through The Coming of Christ, The Gospel of Christ, Defining the Church, Faith, The Day of Worship, etc. Young people, young Christians and those who are considering obedience to the Gospel need to understand these lessons.

Scriptures are used throughout, and each lesson is followed by a series of questions. Question sheets are perforated so that the book may be used as a correspondence course. Bible Keys is strongly recommended during this time of challenge to truth, when there is such a need for grounding in the fundamental pillars on which the message of God stands.
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