Blessed Assurance

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ISBN: 9781933965401
Publisher/Vendor: DeHoff Publications
Author/Contributor: George W. DeHoff
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 72

The first and greatest commandment in all the world is to love God with all of our hearts. We can love and be devoted to Him only if we know Him. We know Him only through His Word.

Topics include:
Developing the Devotional Life, Meeting God Through the Scripture,
Meeting God Through Prayer,
Longing for Security,
A Meaningful Faith,
Finding God’s Guidance,
Praising the Lord,
Confession and Forgiveness,
Deepening Our Relationship With God,
Worshipping in the Congregation,
Worshipping in the Family,
Sharing Christ’s Work,
Sharing the Gospel With Others.

Lessons include the scriptural reading, the setting, the plan, the comments, and last of all, the questions on the lesson.

Readers will find their faith assured by the blessings of devotion to God outlined in this meaningful study.

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