Blessings for Women: Words of Grace and Peace for Your Heart

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ISBN: 9780764218422
Publisher/Vendor: Bethany House
Author/Contributor: Susie Larson
Binding: Hardcover
Size: 5 x 7.25

Daily Blessings to Lift a Woman’s Soul

Begin your day with a reminder of God’s love and purpose. This beautiful devotional book is filled with words of comfort, encouragement, and wisdom that will bring joy to your soul. Each blessing and related Scripture is specifically aimed to nourish a woman’s heart. The blessings take only moments to read but are packed with biblical promise and perspective.

Several years ago Susie began posting daily blessings on Facebook, and since then thousands have responded and forwarded the blessings on to others. This collection of new blessings, presented with inspiring Scriptures and beautiful photos, will be treasured by anyone seeking peace and encouragement or looking to encourage those they love.

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