Churches of Christ in the USA Multi User Software

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Publisher/Vendor: 21st Century Christian Publishing
Author/Contributor: Carl H Royster
Media Type: Compact Disc

Version 3.x Multi User
Data Build: 06-2021

The most complete listing of Churches of Christ includes updated area codes and zip codes, statistical information, website and e-mail addresses, and much more.

The software edition allows you to search by county (includes population data), city, zip code, area code, and more. Search results output to the screen in either report or label format. From there, you can browse through the results, search for specific text strings, and print all or only selected pages.

(Note: This is not a raw data file nor does it have emailing capabilities. Any exported records are limited to postal address information only.)

Multi User License

Software for Windows 98SE™ or above

Options for current users…
– Single User Upgrade
– Multi User Upgrade
– Data Updates for version 3.x

Also available…
– Single User Software Edition

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