Corrupt Communication: Myths that Target Church Leaders

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ISBN: 9781737475149
Publisher/Vendor: HCU Press/Cypress Publications
Curriculum Series: HCU Press Leadership Series
Author/Contributor: Bill Bagents, Laura S. Bagents
Binding: Paper

For all His negative qualities, Satan remains both strategic and effective. He loves corrupting communication on every level that opposes God, but he recognizes the special value of damaging the work and influence of church leaders. And he does his “best” work in the shadows.

Corrupt Communication: Myths That Target Church Leaders exposes some thirty cons—lies, myths, false messages—that Satan floats to undermine communication within the church. Though ancient, these lines seem ever-fresh. They’re crafted for maximum appeal—and damage. They always sound right and feel familiar.

The Bagentses consistently appeal to Scripture as they challenge Satan’s cons. They add examples from church life as they invite readers to see the hook, resist the bait, and realize that the devil’s flawed options always disappoint. As a title, Corrupt Communication, is stunningly ironic. Corrupt Communication is really a call to practice the honest, loving communication that God models and approves.

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