Create In Me a Clean Heart

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ISBN: TBP0680337
Publisher/Vendor: Truth Bookstore Publications
Author/Contributor: Mike Willis, Editor
Binding: Paperback
These are lessons designed for all Christians from upper teenage to adult. There are 13 lessons with questions following each lesson. Topics and their authors are as follows:

1) Sinful Anger — Bobby Witherington
2) Avoiding Pride — Don Wright
3) Envy and Jealousy — Karl Diestelkamp
4) Lust: The Silent Soul Killer — Brian V. Sullivan
5) Greed, A Sin of the Mind and Flesh — Don Willis
6) Deceit — Tom Wheeler
7) Ingratitude — Charles Willis
8) Bitterness — Bob Waldron
9) Selfishness — Richie Thetford
10) The Joy of Anxiety — Harold Tabor
11) Irreverence — Tom Roberts
12) Lack of Brotherly Love — Terry Sanders
13) Self-Control — Daniel Reugg
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