Created for Good Deeds

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ISBN: 9780890989173
Publisher/Vendor: 21st Century Christian Publishing
Author/Contributor: Mike O’Neal
Binding: Paperback
Size: 6 x 9
Pages: 160

The grace versus works controversy has been debated for centuries. Mike O’Neal shows us that works or good deeds are the logical result of taking hold of God’s grace through obedient faith. Rather than being the means of our salvation, good deeds are the proof that our salvation is real.

Every page opened up new insights and gave a deeper understanding of God’s purpose for my life. Mike O’Neal writes with clarity about this life-changing message of good works. This is another must read for every believer.
–Dr. James. E. Moore, President, Mount Dora Christian Academy & Children’s Home

In Created for Good Deeds, Mike O’Neal thoroughly examines the scriptures in a manner befitting his work as a NASA engineer, his studies as a graduate of Harding School of Theology, and his years of service to the church. He offers a strong biblical and theological perspective, and his lessons are presented in a natural and flowing style. The stories at the end of each chapter show real life application and the questions following each chapter are useful for small-group settings. The book is an excellent resource for any Bible teacher or small-group leader.
–Dr. Steve McLeod, Associate Dean, Harding School of Theology

Mike O’Neal’s Created for Good Deeds is an excellent resource for churches to use in their small groups and their classrooms. The book provides many practical insights into our created purpose as well as probing questions to lead the reader to a deeper level of understanding of that purpose. Please take time to read this book and share it with other believers in your church family.
–Steve Puckett, Senior Minister, Melbourne Church of Christ, Melbourne, Florida

Table of Contents:
Preface & Acknowledgements
CHAPTER 1: Divine Purpose
CHAPTER 2: Keeping the Light On
CHAPTER 3: Called as Zealots
CHAPTER 4: Ever Ready
CHAPTER 5: Engaging
CHAPTER 6: Stimulating Propositions
CHAPTER 7: Overcoming
CHAPTER 8: Moving Forward

About the Author:
Mike O’Neal worked for NASA at the Kennedy Space Center for over 31 years, where he was awarded the agency’s Outstanding Leadership Medal and two Exceptional Service Medals. Mike recently completed a special assignment with the Florida Space Research Institute, where he investigated ways to provide spiritual support for astronauts on long-duration missions. He has a B.S. from the University of Central Florida, a M.S. from the Florida Institute of Technology, and a M.A. in Christian Ministry from the Harding University Graduate School of Religion. Mike has written two other books for 21st Century Christian — An Angel’s View and Holy God, Holy People. In addition to preaching part-time at the East Orange Church of Christ in Orlando, FL, Mike frequently speaks on topics such as angels, spirituality, and spaceflight. He and his wife Carol have two children.

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