Daily Devotional Minutes for Men

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ISBN: 9781636096766
Publisher/Vendor: Barbour Publishing
Author/Contributor: Compiled by Barbour Staff
Binding: DiCarta – Flexible
Size: 5 x 7
Pages: 384

Man of God, your Father is always with you to guide, protect, and encourage.
Steel your soul with these wonderful truths (and more!) as you read through 365 days of powerful, inspiring devotions. Each turn of the page reveals a thoughtful devotional that can be read in just 60 seconds alongside a related scripture selection and prayer starter, guaranteed to challenge and comfort your heart every day of the year.
Here are readings for every day of the year, featuring both contemporary devotions and classics from the likes of Charles Spurgeon, Matthew Henry, John Wesley, and D. L. Moody.
Spend daily time with these devotions, where you’ll encounter the wisdom, strength, and courage of your Creator—who longs to impart His goodness to you.

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