Daniel: What God Can Do DVD

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Publisher/Vendor: 21st Century Christian Publishing
Author/Contributor: Dr. Stafford North
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The book of Daniel is a study in contrasts. The first six chapters deal with the historical events involving Daniel and his three friends in Babylonian captivity — the last six chapters reveal God’s plan for the future through Daniel’s visions. It contrasts paganism with true worship, corruption with unquestioned integrity.

The study of Daniel will bolster your faith, renew your courage, and restore your confidence in a God who has everything under control. The only safe place in this world is squarely in the hands of God.

These DVD lessons are a companion to the book, Daniel: What God Can Do by Stafford North. Also included is one printable CD containing Lesson Outlines and Reviews.

CHAPTER 1: Faithful Under Hardship
CHAPTER 2: God Works Through a Dream
CHAPTER 3: Decision in the Plain of Dura
CHAPTER 4: The Mighty Has Fallen
CHAPTER 5: God Sends a Mysterious Message
CHAPTER 6: Faithfulness, Persecution, and Deliverance
CHAPTER 7: Four Beasts and a Son of Man
CHAPTER 8: The Ram and the Goat and the Future
CHAPTER 9: Seventy Sevens and the Coming Messiah
CHAPTER 10: Daniel and Angels
CHAPTER 11: The Most Detailed Prophecy in the Bible
CHAPTER 12: The Prophecy Comes to a Time of the End

About the Author
Dr. Stafford North served in many capacities at Oklahoma Christian University since 1952. He taught there in the College of Bible and served as an elder at Memorial Road Church of Christ in Edmond, OK.

He authored numerous books including Unlocking Revelation: Seven Simple Keys, Like a Thief in the Night: What You Should Know About the Last Days, Evangelizing Your Community, and Handbook on Church Doctrines. He also produced DVD Bible studies — What We Believe and Why, Understanding Revelation and the Last Days, and Every Member Reaching Out.

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