Eldership, The

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ISBN: 9781933965291
Publisher/Vendor: DeHoff Publications
Author/Contributor: J. W. McGarvey
Pages: 79

J. W. McGarvey’s Treatise on the Eldership was originally published as a series of editorial articles in the Apostolic Times of which he was editor from 1850-1865. This classic work includes the following chapters:

  • There is Such an Office?
  • Titles of the Office
  • The Titles Explained
  • Duties of the Office
  • How to Be Examples
  • How to Be Shepherds
  • How to Be Overseers
  • How to Withdraw the Disorderly
  • How to Be Teachers
  • Primitive Mode of Teaching
  • Qualifications for the Office
  • Intellectual Qualifications
  • Plurality of Elders
  • Selection and Appointment
  • Regular Meetings
  • Want of Time

This edition is a reprint of the 1870 edition with a biographical sketch of the author by L. L. Brigance.

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