Facts and Fallacies of the Fossil Record

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Publisher/Vendor: World Evangelism Publications
Author/Contributor: Brett Rutherford
Binding: Paperback

The theory of evolution is promoted again and again in our schools, national parks and many other agencies as fact by learned scholars. Many have a difficult time accepting that there is a God because they have been taught the theory of evolution since the earliest stages of education. However, as the Bible says, one day their knees will bow and their tongues will acknowledge their Creator.

The author has a bachelor’s degree in anthropology and a master’s in ancient Near Eastern studies. This book has thirteen chapters with study questions, and deals with such challenges as: Evolution: The Development of a Theory, How Do Paleontologists and Paleoanthropologists Arrive at Their Dates?, The Problems of Geochronology, Is Theistic Evolution a Reasonable Compromise?

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