Fellowship Cup PREMIUM – Prefilled Communion Cups (Box of 500) *NON-RETURNABLE, NON-REFUNDABLE, CLEARANCE PRICED*

CLEARANCE PRICED! — Best if Used By: 09/2024
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UPC: 081407481203
Publisher/Vendor: B&H Publishing Group
Size: 8.0 x 13.10 x 9.90
Count: 500 Prefilled Sets

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Introducing Fellowship Cup® PREMIUM Prefilled Communion Cups!

The Fellowship Cup Premium offers the same quality and convenience as the best-selling Fellowship Cup, with the added benefit of an improved design. With dual tabs for an easier experience of opening the bread and the juice, the Fellowship Cup Premium helps foster a more reverent atmosphere during Communion with less noise and a simplified experience for this sacred practice. Lead your congregation to focus on the reverence of the Lord’s Supper with the new Fellowship Cup Premium prefilled communion cups!


  • The Fellowship Cup® Premium is a prefilled communion cup with dual tabs for easy opening.
  • Prefilled Ready to Serve communion cup with 100% Concord Grape Juice Blend and wafer of white, unleavened bread.
  • “One Pass” Serving – Designed to perfectly fit in communion trays.
  • Saves time on preparation and clean-up.
  • Approximate one-year shelf life
  • No refrigeration necessary

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