First Steps in Faith

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ISBN: CHO03100
Publisher/Vendor: World Evangelism Publications
Author/Contributor: Betty Burton Choate
Binding: Paperback
Experience the excitement, the wonder, the loneliness, the growth in faith of a young family going to Pakistan, then to Sri Lanka, and finally to India to teach the story of Christ to Moslems, Buddhists and to Hindus.

The seat belts were buckled, but we strained forward against them to catch a last glimpse through the window of the little group huddled together against the cold of the February day. Daddy, Mother, Ted, and Curtis raised their hands in a final wave and though I couldn’t see, I knew tears streamed down their cheeks as they did down mine and their hearts ached with the pain of the long separation that had begun… I confess to my shame that as I sat there thinking over the past and imagining the future, I was well pleased with my growth as a Christian. I had come a long way — I had sacrificed being with my people, enjoying the comforts of home and the joys of living in the United States. I was willing to share with J.C. whatever the years in Pakistan might hold. And I did it without begrudging the giving. At twenty-one, I felt grown up in Christ. What more can one give? I was to learn many answers to that question.”
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