Give the Winds a Mighty Voice

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Publisher/Vendor: World Evangelism Publications
Author/Contributor: Stan Mitchell
Binding: Paperback
Give the Winds a Mighty Voice is an adventure in the subject of singing and its history. Stan takes us on a tour of music — music among the Israelites, music among Christians of the first century, music through the psalms, early writers, prolific writers, writers who were members of the Lord’s church and those who were not but whose songs and hymns have reverberated through the ages. Surely everyone who reads this book, or studies it in a class setting, will sing with deeper reverence toward God, greater awareness of the words of the songs and their meanings, and more joy and enthusiasm for singing than has typically been characteristic of this vital part of worship.

If you would like a personal enrichment in your life, take this book home and read it. Congregations can profit by studying the lessons, along with practice sessions to learn new songs suggested in the book and to improve the quality of our singing.
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