God’s Mystery DVD Series

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UPC: 9780890986912
Publisher/Vendor: 21st Century Christian Publishing
Author/Contributor: Dr. Stafford North
Media Type: DVD / Data CD Set

Learn to share the gospel story with 10 easy-to-remember pictures

Contains 13 lessons on 13 DVDs, plus 13 printable lesson worksheets and 12 printable lesson review sheets on one data CD. Each DVD lesson averages 42 minutes.

Lesson 1-The Creation
Lesson 2-The Sin
Lesson 3-The Family
Lesson 4-The Nation
Lesson 5-The Prophets
Lesson 6-The Birth
Lesson 7-The Life
Lesson 8-The Teachings
Lesson 9-The Death
Lesson 10-The Resurrection
Lesson 11-The Proclamation
Lesson 12-The Church
Lesson 13-The Spread
Data CD

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