Honest Questions, Honest Answers

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ISBN: 9780784735305
Publisher/Vendor: Standard Publishing
Author/Contributor: David Faust
Binding: Paperback
Size: 5×8

When your friends ask touchy questions about what you believe, are you ready to give an answer? You can explain the reasons for your faith and communicate solid, biblical truth with gentleness and respect. In a clear, approachable style—and featuring actual dialogue with real people—David Faust presents a refreshing way to have compelling conversations.

People have honest questions. They deserve honest answers. Be ready!

Honest Questions, Honest Answers is an apologetics book that explains some of the reasonable evidence that supports Christian faith. It’s also an evangelism book that offers practical suggestions for sharing our faith among postmodern people. And it’s a storybook that uses dialogue to introduce the reader to real people and their honest questions about matters of faith.

Honest Questions, Honest Answers:
· challenges Christians to lead their friends to Christ
· equips Christians to answer questions posed by seekers, unbelievers, and growing followers of Christ
· combines story and apologetics to provide a helpful, practical guide for Christians who desire to share their faith with neighbors, family members, and friends
· Provides examples of how to initiate and develop meaningful and long-term relationships with those who don’t know Christ

· helps readers show others Christ rather than only tell them about Christ

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