Jesus Christ the Eternal Sacrifice

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Publisher/Vendor: World Evangelism Publications
Author/Contributor: Betty Burton Choate
Binding: Paperback
This is the most comprehensive discussion of the nature and work of Christ done by one of our brotherhood in several years. Although the book is not lengthy, it is not always easy reading, due to its comprehensive nature. One will find himself debating with sister Choate, maybe at times disagreeing with her, but never will you doubt her ability to seek to glorify the Jesus Christ she writes about.

In contrast to most books on the nature or work of Christ, the book is practical in content, aiming at both evangelistic and edification ends. It is scholarly without being overly academic. Especially significant is the way sister Choate stresses how God came to move in the person of Jesus Christ. She traces His deity from the Preexistent Word, through the Incarnation and Resurrection, to the Reigning Lord. Especially important is her discussion of Jesus’ assuming the sins of mankind in His death. Her experience as a missionary enriches this area mightily. This is a point which Bible-belt Christians believe but seldom think through. Her work is very helpful here.” “Although it is a brief part of her book, her discussion of the Lord’s Supper is significant. It is highly recommended reading for all Christians.” “Jesus Christ, The Eternal Sacrifice is not light reading, but is understandable, scholarly, and useful. It should receive wide circulation in our brotherhood.” (Review by Richard Pectol, minister, Claremore, Oklahoma.)”
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