Lace Up Those Sneakers: Let’s Take a Walk with God

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ISBN: 9781685564520
Publisher/Vendor: Trilogy Christian Publishing
Author/Contributor: Rita Cato Cochrane
Binding: Paperback
Size: 5.5 x 0.33 x 8.5
Pages: 154

Have you ever found yourself stumbling through life in search of God?

If so, welcome to my tribe. This study is for you. We will walk together through the sagas of some perfectly imperfect heroes of Scripture and allow them to guide us:

  • through difficult journeys
  • to a more intimate relationship with God,
  • toward a prizewinning, victorious life in Jesus Christ.
Through this study, we will be introduced to men and women who, at times, struggled with God. Their seasons of hardships and journeys to redemption can help us cultivate a closer relationship with the Father. So, friend, lace up those sneakers, and let’s walk among some heroes. Prepare to be inspired!

This thirteen chapter workbook is perfect for small-groups, Bible classes, or individual study. It takes us beyond the Biblical facts to real-life applications, coupled with humor and reflection.

Table of Contents

Walking in Darkness with Abraham and Sarah
Walking Away with Rahab
Walking Out of Your Comfort Zone with Gideon
Walking the High Road with Abigail or the Low Road with Nabal
Walking the Wrong Way with David
Walking through a Wait with Noah, Moses, and Lazarus
Walking on Thin Ice with Esther
Walking on Water with Peter
Marathon Walking with Paul
Walking the Lonely Road with Mary (Part One)
Walking the Painful Road with Mary (Part Two)
Walking in Love with Jesus
Walking in Retrospect
About the Author

About the Author
Rita Cato Cochrane is a sought-after women’s speaker, writer, and teacher. She lives with her husband, Mike, in Nashville, Tennessee, where she loves walking and hiking. Rita was raised in a large Christian family where life was never dull!

She skillfully interjects personal and humorous stories from her life into her writing and teaching. Rita is a mother and grandmother and serves as the director of women’s ministry at her home congregation.

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