Leading Young Hearts into the Lord’s Church

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ISBN: 9780890983188
Publisher/Vendor: 21st Century Christian Publishing
Binding: eBook Compact Disc
Age Level: Grades 3-6

Leading Young Hearts into the Lord’s Church has the resources you need to lead children to the Lord. The most natural relationship for passing on faith is between parent and child, but faith can grow out of a loving relationship between a child and a Sunday school teacher, minister, or other interested adult.

This CD resource provides 12 Bible lessons for a teacher and kids in a classroom; 12 Bible sessions for a parent and child at home; Bible memory verses in NIV or KJV; kid-friendly art and ideas for creating a lasting memory of the journey; and two heart-shaping Scriptures songs for kids!

The materials are aimed at children in 3rd-6th grade children who can read and look for answers in Scripture and who can connect Scripture’s teaching to their own lives. A child who has developed these two skills is capable of having his own relationship with God.

Three units help kids with these questions:
Who is God?
What is a relationship with Jesus?
How do I keep in step with the Spirit?

Solid Bible learning with four basic components:
Bible reading and prayer
Conversations about following the Lord (talking & listening)
Weekly sessions (activities, modeling, encouragement)
Bible memorization.

Customize the resources in Leading Young Hearts into the Lord’s Church to focus on building a relationship with a child that results in a relationship with Jesus!

Unit 1: Who is God?
God is our creator.
God is almighty and eternal.
God is holy.
God is our father and judge.

Unit 2: What is a Relationship with Jesus?
Jesus wants me to know Him.
Jesus wants to take my sin.
Jesus wants me to repent.
Jesus wants to save me.

Unit 3: How Do I Keep in Step with the Spirit?
The Lord wants to meet with me daily.
The Lord wants me to rely on Him.
The Lord wants me to be a servant.
The Lord wants me to enjoy Heaven.

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