Life Without God is Meaningless: A Study of Ecclesiastes

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ISBN: 9780890988008
Publisher/Vendor: 21st Century Christian Publishing
Curriculum Series: The Cornerstone of Our Faith
Author/Contributor: Tommy Brooks
Binding: Paperback
Size: 6 x 9
Pages: 88
Age Level: Adult
Bible Topic: Ecclesiastes

Someone has rightly described the American lifestyle as the “hasty pursuit of unexamined goals.” Everyone seems to be in a hurry to climb the ladder, to gain wealth, to pursue education. But what do you really gain when you get all that this world has to offer?

Solomon takes an insightful look at “life under the sun” (a worldly view) to help us examine our goals before we invest a lifetime in things that won’t satisfy. Tommy Brooks guides us through Solomon’s wisdom to help us build a life that counts for eternity and adds meaning to our existence in the here and now.

Table of Contents:
About the Author
How to Use This Study
1. Life Without God is Meaningless
2. Pleasures and Labor Without God Are Meaningless
3. Time Belongs to God
4. They Had No Comforter
5. Fulfill Your Vow
6. A Common Evil Among Men
7. What Is Better For Man — Part One
8. What Is Better For Man — Part Two
9. The Misery of Man
10. There Is One Event Unto All
11. An Error Which Proceedeth From the Ruler
12. Cast Thy Bread Upon the Waters
13. The Conclusion of the Whole Matter

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