Living Simplicity: A Journey to Embracing a Fully Supplied Life

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ISBN: 9780890988879
Publisher/Vendor: 21st Century Christian Publishing
Author/Contributor: Courtney Kendall Steed
Binding: Paperback
Size: 6 x 9
Pages: 160
Age Level: Adult

The word simplicity can conjure up images of beautiful paint colors and minimalist living. It is something many of us crave, as our lives seem anything but simple. Often our idealized images of simplicity exclude some important things: real life, people, family, and relationships. Godly simplicity is about embracing a life in which we live within the boundaries of His provision for the sake of those very things.

“For all of us, simplicity is about being purposeful… It is about reaching out for the best that God has for us… It is about choosing the beautiful, true, and best.”

In Living Simplicity: A Journey to Embracing a Fully Supplied Life, Courtney Kendall Steed invites you to follow along as she goes from loving the idea of simplicity to living a life of simplicity in her own Little House with her own people, family, and relationships. Learn with her as she battles pride, defiantly fixes other people’s mistakes with paint, and learns (and teaches) some valuable lessons about how to live the simplicity we crave.

Table of Contents
1 Defining Simplicity – more than just pretty paint colors
2 Crazy Talk – simplicity makes you do crazy things
3 Not Just Stuff – simplicity isn’t just about how much you have
4 Letting Go – giving up stuff can be hard
5 Getting Real – where the rubber meets the road
6 Living Simply So Far – the aftermath of the craziness
7 Everything We Need – we may not need as much as we think we do
8 Give It a Rest – simplicity allows for rest
9 Choosing Joy – joy means no Christmas cookies
10 The Gift That Keeps on Giving – no thanks
11 Humble Myself – taking a punch or two in the gut
12 Vent – sometimes a girl needs to let it out
13 Your Simple – our simple lives may not look the same
14 Simplicity for Anxiety’s Sake – a lifestyle that eases the tension
15 Loss and Simplicity – how loss can change how we live
16 Seasons of Plenty – enjoying life when it is abundant
17 Cultivating Simplicity – lessons learned from the garden
18 Less Is Simply More – everything costs something
19 Excellence vs. Perfection – these are not the same thing
20 Simple Wrap-Up – what I am still learning

About the Author
Courtney Kendall Steed is an author, speaker, and encourager of God’s women. She is married to her college sweetheart whom she met at Harding University, where she graduated with a degree in nursing. She also is raising three boys near Nashville, Tennessee where she home schools and chases simplicity full-time.

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