Longing for Home: Our Citizenship is in Heaven

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ISBN: 0890981833
Publisher/Vendor: 21st Century Christian Publishing
Author/Contributor: Shyll Bowen
Binding: Paperback
Age Level: Adult
Bible Topic: Heaven
Subject: Women’s Studies

Do you tend to lose sight of the spiritual in the midst of your daily routine?

It is easy to go about our daily business for days or weeks on end without considering our heavenly homeland, without realizing that we do not belong to this world?

By comparing her experience as a foreigner in India to the Christian’s journey as foreigner on this earth, Shyll Bowen helps you capture a life-changing vision of Heaven.

Be encouraged through real-life examples to find peace and comfort in your journey far from home. Be challenged to consider your heavenly homeland the daily focus of your life and the longing of your heart.

11 Chapters

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