Losing It! God’s Plan for the Crazies DVD

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ISBN: 2CC028848
Publisher/Vendor: 21st Century Christian Publishing
Series: Oil in My Lamp Ministries
Author/Contributor: Kelli Hughett & Jennifer Willenbrecht
Binding: DVD
Don’t we all have people and situations that make us pull our hair out? Whether it is our children, spouse, thoughts or self-image, these things are covered by God’s Word. Join us through this 8-lesson series on a single DVD, featuring Kelli Hughett and Jennifer Willenbrecht. The two talk woman-to-woman with viewers as they share their experiences of handling the CRAZIES in their lives.

Every woman involved in this study will want a copy of the Losing It! Study Guide so she can keep personal notes and Scriptures to review throughout the study.

Lesson 1: The Selfie
Lesson 2: My Husband Is Driving Me Nuts!
Lesson 3: My Family Is Driving Me Nuts!
Lesson 4: My Communication Is Driving Me Nuts!
Lesson 5: My Kids Are Making Me Crazy!
Lesson 6: The Church. Yes, Them, Too!
Lesson 7: You Are What You Think (Part 1)
Lesson 8: You Are What You Think (Part 2)

About the Authors
Kelli Hughett is a Colorado native who loves homeschooling her kids, working with the church, spending time with her family, and enjoying all Colorado has to offer. She holds a degree in Women’s Ministry from Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver. In addition to teaching for Oil in My Lamp Ministries, Kelli is also a published fiction author.

Jennifer Willenbrecht was born and raised in Alabama and currently makes her home in Northern Colorado. She enjoys cooking good ole’ Southern recipes for her husband and three daughters. When not preparing for a Bible study, Jennifer designs websites and book covers.
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