Love Poems

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Publisher/Vendor: World Evangelism Publications
Author/Contributor: Betty Burton Choate
Binding: Hardcover
This book makes a beautiful gift, most appropriate for weddings, anniversaries and occasions of saying a special, I love You.” “In a sense, Love Poems is the idealized love story repeated over and over again, throughout the world and throughout time.

Too often, perhaps, we don’t search for the “right” words to adequately express the love of one heart to another. We get so busy that sometimes the little gestures of love that would help to compensate for the lack of words also fail to materialize. We don’t take the time to cherish one another, yet the love, deep down, is there. The search for words to express my own love and the love I see in others has felt sweet in my heart, and the outpouring has brought a sense of completion. I hope that others will find it useful. Love is too monumental a thing for any of us to hold it as a mute prisoner inside our hearts.”

“Love Poems… for those who are experiencing the sweetness of young love, for those who have cherished through the years the security of loving and of being loved, for those who have grown old with the wonder of that treasure still new in their hearts….” -Betty Burton Choate
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